My Debut

I stand in front of a group of American adult Chinese beginning learners. Suddenly, a student raise his hand and ask me a grammar question. As I try my best to answer it, my heart pumps like thunder. Finally, the student nod his head with a satisfied smile. This was the debut of my teaching in the U.S.

At age 22, I started my career as a Chinese language teacher. Three difficult years of teaching challenged me to become a passionate teacher. Interacting with students from different backgrounds helped transform me from in introvert into an eloquent instructor. Cross-cultural communication gave me a bridge for getting a better understanding of other people, and gave me a key to different cultures.

"Very upbeat and enthusiastic, her positive attitude makes even the most difficult materials fun to learn." says a student. Looking back where I started, I know I ache for being an outstanding teacher and helping students broaden their horizons. This is what makes me happy, and I really want to keep pursuing it.

Teaching is my biggest passion.